We do a lot of provocations in the classroom to jumpstart the students’ thought process.  It could be a photo, video, an experiment, a hands-on experience, a word, a question – basically, anything to provoke students’ thinking.

For this post, I am showing a few photos as a provocation to make a point.

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What did you see in the photos?  

What did you observe from them?  

Who do you think took these photos?


The person who took those photos is my 2-year-old son.  He borrowed my phone at a lunch, and walked around, taking photos.  He is no more than 3 feet tall so all photos are a glimpse of what he sees at his eye level.   He took many shots.  There were blurry ones, some unflattering ones of people, and really good ones.  I filtered the photos as I was clearing out memory for my phone, and these were some of the best shots.  Quite impressive, right?

I realized some things after seeing these photos.

As teacher and mom, I realized that two-year-olds are capable of taking great shots!  Quite impressive, don’t you think?

Another is that the photos allowed me to walk around with him, and literally see things from his point of view – I realized that the light switches of the house were just a little above his eye level.  That the floor was just a few feet below him.  That the sides of the couch and tables are what he sees from where he stands.  That things can look so big and tall when you’re that small.  

Stepping in his shoes, through these photos, was also a reminder that these are the things he is able to reach and touch.  These photos also allowed me to reflect on my job as his mom – to place things within his reach to foster his independence, and to place things unsafe for him out of his reach.  

As a teacher, I thought about how these realizations can apply to my teaching, and how I should apply this seeing-things-from-another’s-point-of-view more consciously into my day-to-day..  

I also thought of entrepreneurs, business people, professionals – designers, furniture makers, restaurateurs, doctors, dentists, etc.  

I realized that If they are able to see things from the point of view of the people whom they serve, they can all the more help give value to them.

I realized that whatever we do as a living, we have to make it a point to step into the shoes of those whom we serve, and see life from their perspective.

We have to see things from their point of view, walk in their shoes and get to know them so that we are really able to serve them well.

Case in Point…

When we get into a family restaurant that gives this as soon as they see our children…

This activity sheet that doubles as a place mat came with crayons. Sorry, it’s already used and crumpled…Yes, this is from a restaurant called Pancake House. Nope, this is not a sponsored post. 🙂


….as parents, we are grateful.  We have an 8, 3 and 2-year-old.  Having all of them stay put, while waiting for our orders is a challenge, so paper and crayons is such a relief when we forget to bring small toys or clay or drawing materials to keep them busy.

And when another restaurant goes the extra mile to purchase these for children…

They are not matchy-matchy but hey, praise the effort! This is from a Singaporean restaurant called Merlion. Nope, this is not a sponsored post either.


…we know they’ve anticipated our needs – the children’s needs!  We usually have to ask for a small spoon and fork, because the children are given adult-sized utensils for eating.

(Restaurateurs, please take note of these little extras!  Your big and little customers will be grateful!  Even better if the small, child-friendly utensils are not plastic! *wink*).


SO TAKE ACTION!  Get to know whom you serve.

I prepared a worksheet in the free materials page so you can assess if you know whom you serve in your business, profession or side hustle — or in the business, profession or side hustle you want to or are about to pursue.  

When you go through the worksheet and find that you aren’t sure about your answers, don’t worry!  It’s never too late to get to know whom you serve.  You can always pick up the phone, or send an email, to ask them questions.  Start from there.  

You can serve someone better when you know and anticipate what they need.

In Summary

We have to get to know whom we serve.  Whatever we do, we have to make it a point to step into the shoes of those whom we serve, and see life from their perspective.

We have to see things from their point of view, walk in their shoes and get to know them so that we are really able to serve them well.

As teachers, service is our strength, passion and motivation.  We already do this in our classrooms, with our students.  We build relationships with our students, and get to know them, care for them and empathize with them.  

We can apply this as well in the side hustles we pursue. We should treat those whom we serve, through our businesses or side hustles in the same way.

We have to get to know them, ask them questions, know their needs and take note,  so that we can work towards giving them the quality service they deserve.

In your business or the business that you are thinking of, have you identified whom you serve?

Don’t forget to get the free worksheet!   Use it to assess yourself or to think of the little extras  you can add to your service.

Let me know what you think!  Leave a comment below!

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